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Team Solutions

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With your organization's WHOOP Elite membership, you can measure both individual and team stats to enhance performance like never before. Prevent overtraining, reduce the risk of injury and use data to dominate.

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Professional athletes, Olympians, and college teams have discovered the key to unlocking their untapped potential. Join them now.


Your team’s WHOOP ELITE membership includes:

  • GEN 2.0 STRAP

    The most advanced wearable on the market.


    Real-time performance monitoring with personalized insights and recommendations.


    A central repository for all athletes' data.


    Customizable reports and analysis from the WHOOP Data Science Team.


    A powerful suite of tools to help guide your team's training and recovery.


    Exclusive access to on-call performance optimization experts who can interpret data and make actionable recommendations.


Team Portal

Team Portal Device Frame Team Portal Device Screen

Team Portal

WHOOP Elite empowers coaches and trainers to continuously monitor athletes and make calculated changes for maximum training impact, allowing them to reach peak performance when it matters most. Balance your team’s training schedule, get insight into under/overtraining to avoid injuries and create opportunities to boost gameday performance.

  • Easily view entire team data in one interface

  • Ability to customize privacy settings based on team needs

  • Ability to input training schedule

  • Ability to self manage team and staff access

  • Hide Recoveries from athletes on specific days

Elite Analytics

Elite Analytics

Your group’s WHOOP Elite membership expands your army to include a Data Science team dedicated to providing you with customized reports and detailed insights such as:

  • Physiological changes in athletes over time
  • Analysis of travel's effect on Recovery
  • Analysis of Recovery and performance data correlations
  • Sleep and Recovery trend analysis
  • Analysis of external data
  • Data exports

Coach Assist

Coach Assist Device Frame Coach Assist Device Screen

Coach Assist

WHOOP Elite’s daily coach reports give you a scientific shortcut to unlock athletes' potential and maximize their growth and, in turn, your team’s growth.

Our subject matter experts work directly with athletes and coaches to understand how to interpret and use data to drive positive behavior changes around Sleep and Recovery.

License Model

  • Bronze

  • WHOOP Strap 2.0

    Coaches' Team Dashboard

    Athlete Mobile App

    Privacy Viewing Settings

    Virtual Installation & Training

    Athlete & Coach Manuals

  • Silver

  • Everything in Bronze Plus
  • Personal Installation Walk Through

    1-Day Onsite Visit

    Monthly Data Analysis Check-Ins

    Workout Report

    Gold Report

    Training Impact Report

    Recovery and User Input Report

    Simple Comparative Report

  • Gold

  • Everything in Silver Plus
  • AMS Integration

    1-Day Onsite Visit

    Bi-Weekly Data Analysis Check-Ins

    WHOOP Performance Kit

    Experiment Report

    Sleep Regularity Report

    Sleep Coach 3.0 Report

    Risk Index Report

    Calendar Heat Map Report

    Training Load Recommendation

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