How do I access the web app?

You can access the web app by logging into https://app.whoop.com. Athletes, coaches, and trainers alike can use the web app to explore useful insights on individual and team performance.

What information is in the web app that I cannot see in the mobile app?

The WHOOP web app includes more detailed information about the sleep and activity you’ve been tracking. You can use the web to more easily view your detailed Heart Rate during Sleep or Activity, and explore your Strain, Recovery, and Sleep trends over time. The web app also provides much more insight into your teammates and even allows you to compare your stats against theirs.

How do I navigate around the web app?

When you first log into the web app, you will be brought to your personal athlete overview. You can navigate to each page (Overview, Strain, Recovery, and Sleep) by clicking that section in the summary bar at the top of the page. The Strain, Recovery, and Sleep pages will give you more details into each metric that makes up your performance scores.

Any section of the web app that do not deal directly with your stats (such as your Team pages, Settings, Membership, and Support) can be accessed by clicking the Menu icon in the upper left.

Can I look into historical stats and trends on the web?

The web app allows you to look back at how you were performing in the past to help you understand what factors affected your Strain, Recovery, and Sleep Performance, as well as to track improvement in these values over time. There are two ways to view historical information:

To look at your Strain, Recovery, or Sleep details for a particular day in the past, you can click on the current date in the upper right of each page. This will display a calendar view from which you can select the specific date you would like to view.

To view trends in your Strain or Recovery over time, you can choose a different time period in using the Time Picker in the upper right of each of these sections – 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. Choosing one of these options will graph your stats over time and allow you to see how your performance has been trending. You can also click on any day in this graph to view the details from that particular day.

How do I get to my Team page as an athlete?

When you first log into app.whoop.com as an athlete, you will be brought to your Personal Overview page. If you would like to view your team stats or compare yourself to your teammates, you can visit your Team page by clicking the Menu icon in the upper left and choosing the name of the team you’d like to view.

How do I view the performance and rankings of all the athletes on my team?

After logging into app.whoop.com and clicking the name of your team in the menu, you can see a list of all the players on your team in the Overview section. From this list you can sort players by highest Strain, Recovery, Sleep Performance, and many other dimensions. You can also see how players rank against the team average. If you’d like to view your team stats over a longer period of time, use the time picker in the upper right to choose a longer time period.

How can I compare athletes on my team against each other?

You can compare two athletes’ stats against each other from the web very easily: From the Team page, select the checkboxes next to two of the athletes in your team list, and click “Comp” at the top of the page.

Now you can compare two athletes across different dimensions. In the Overview section you can compare the sleep and activities for each athlete for a single day. In the Strain and Recovery sections, you can compare detailed statistics for each athlete, including Calories Burned, Max Heart Rate, Resting Heart Rate, hours of Sleep, and more.

One of the most interesting ways to use this feature is to compare athletes’ Strain or Recovery trends over time. When you’re comparing two athletes, click on the Strain or Recovery sections and change the time period you’re viewing using the time picker in the upper right. Now you can view how each athlete’s Strain or Recovery has changed over time in comparison to one of their teammates.

How can I update my personal information?

You can update your personal information from the Settings page in the web app. Select “Menu” icon in the upper left and choose “Settings”. You can update your name, height, weight, location and more from the Profile Information section.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password from the Settings page in the web app. Click the Menu icon in the upper left and choose “Settings”, then click “Change Password”. You can also change your password from the mobile app’s Settings section.