How do I manage my WHOOP membership?

Go to app.whoop.com and click on Membership in the menu.

From here you can:

  • Review your membership status
  • Review your bill amount and next billing date
  • Add or update payment method
  • View your payment history as well as individual invoices
  • Cancel your account

When will my credit card be charged for my monthly membership?

The payment method you’ve associated with your WHOOP membership will be charged on the anniversary of the date on which you first connected your WHOOP Strap and completed your account.

To see your next bill date, log into app.whoop.com and click on Membership in the menu.

How do I update the payment method used for my WHOOP membership?

In order to update your payment method and ensure you do not have an interruption in access to WHOOP, go to app.whoop.com and click on Membership in the menu.

Under your current payment method, click “Update”. Enter your new payment method – card number, security code, expiration date, and billing zip.

Your new payment method will be used for your next recurring charge – which is displayed on the Membership page.

How do I fix a failed membership charge?

Failed membership charges are most often due to an invalid payment method on file. To fix, go to app.whoop.com and click on Membership in the menu. Ensure your payment method information is accurate – if it’s not, update it to a valid card.

If your payment method information is accurate, please contact your bank to find out the reason for the failed charge. We will attempt to charge the payment method on file 3 times (over 7 days) before auto-canceling your account, giving you time to fix any issues.

Data Upload is disabled in my WHOOP app. How do I re-enable it?

Data upload is disabled when your WHOOP Membership is invalid. This can be due to the following:

  • You canceled your membership.
  • Your monthly membership charge failed at each retry and the membership was auto-canceled,
  • Your account was created with a used Strap and requires a valid membership.

In order to re-enable your membership:

  • Go to app.whoop.com and click on Membership in the menu.
  • Click the option to resume your membership.
  • Ensure you have a valid payment method on file.

Upon renewing your membership, you will be charged for the current month. Within a few minutes, your app will reflect the change and you will be able to upload data again. If you do not see data upload re-enabled after a few minutes, try logging out and logging back into your app.

How do I cancel my WHOOP membership?

You can cancel anytime by going to app.whoop.com and clicking on Membership in the menu.

In the Membership Management section at the bottom of the page, there is a “Cancel your membership link”. Clicking this link displays a cancellation confirmation. Once confirmed, your membership will be pending cancellation. It will auto-cancel on your next normal bill date and you will no longer be billed. You can still use the system as usual until that date arrives.

Once you have requested to cancel, you can remove your payment method. You can also resume your membership at any time.

Once your membership is officially canceled, you will not be able to collect, upload, or analyze any of your biometric data. Your previously collected data will be available for review.