The motivation behind the Specter Series

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“It’s like jumping out of an airplane and landing on planet alien,” Bob told us, when describing the transition to civilian life. “Everybody looks like you, everybody kind of acts like you, but nobody talks your language. I didn’t know a lot I should’ve known. I felt like I was drowning in the civilian world.”

Jonny echoed a similar sentiment. “Seven years ago I transitioned and it was the hardest thing I ever did. I struggled with purpose, passion, and I missed the team environment.”

“You take the option of failure out, and then there’s only one option left.”

When asked about his motivation for co-founding the SEAL Future Fund, Jonny recalled a party he was at in his hometown shortly after leaving the service. “I was surrounded by lots of great people, but I they weren’t my brothers and I just wished there was somebody else there I could have a conversation with. I started reaching out to some of my buddies and realized they were dealing with the same thing.”

“The goal of the Specter Series is awareness,” Bob says, “bringing to light the difficult process SEALs go through when it comes to the transition. People think ‘they’re Navy SEALs they can handle everything,’ but everybody needs help sometimes. We want to support the younger guys when passing on the torch so they don’t suffer through the same issues we did.”


“This will make us feel alive,” Jonny adds. “Those highs, that state of flow and heighten awareness that becomes second nature, it’s hard not to have that in your life anymore. The Specter Series recognizes that we’re not hitting the metrics that we used to and pushing through those hurdles. It will test our mental fortitude and our physical toughness.”


“We need to test ourselves.”

“As former SEALs, we’re always looking for that next challenge or the next thing,” Bob explained. “Anybody can get out there and run a marathon. Anybody can get out there and maybe run a 50-miler or even a 100-miler. But we have to take things to the next level.”

Jonny stresses the importance of bringing back that team environment and sense of brotherhood. “We need to make sure we’re aligned with our values and goals,” he said. “We’re all going to finish this thing, even if we have to drag each other across the finish line.”

Bob emphasizes the value of service, dependability and family–being there for others around you. “You have help all the time and brothers to depend on in the Navy, and you miss that,” he told us. “This event and everyone involved is bringing that back for us.”

The whole team together

Bob makes final adjustments

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In the weeks ahead, we'll be sharing stories from the SEALs, their training methods, insights from their WHOOP data, and much more as we help prepare them for this epic event.