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The All-New Weekly Performance Assessment

February 14, 2021

The WPA now includes deeper analysis, fresh stats, and updated graphics for you to consume your data in new ways.

At WHOOP, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service to our members. A key aspect of this is constantly upgrading and improving app features to further enhance the membership experience and allow you to better understand your data.

We’ve recently updated the Weekly Performance Assessment to feature more in-depth analysis and new visual representations of several recovery, strain and sleep metrics.

Each Monday, all WHOOP members receive a customized Weekly Performance Assessment in their app that can be found by clicking on the coaching section of the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen (Note to new members: You won’t get your first report until you’ve logged at least 14 total recoveries).

The all-new WPA still features familiar graphics comparing the balance between your daily strain and recovery, as well as your sleep consistency and sleep performance:

The WHOOP Weekly Performance Assessment compares your strain and recovery, as well as your sleep consistency and performance.


What’s New?

Your WPA now displays a detailed breakdown of your strain for the previous week, including a comparison of average day strain, total activities and duration vs. your 3-week average for each:

The new WPA breaks down your week's worth of strain in detail.

It also shows the average strain for each type of activity you logged in the past week, again comparing those to your 3-week averages:

The average strain for various activities you logged in the past week, compared to your 3-week average.


The new WPA provides you with a comprehensive look at your sleep as well. It shares your average sleep performance, hours of sleep, time in bed and sleep need for the week, also comparing them to your recent averages:

In-depth sleep performance stats in the WHOOP WPA.


Additionally, the WPA now portrays your sleep consistency from a never-before-seen perspective:

sleep consistency in wpa

By viewing the precise times you went to bed at night and woke up in the morning, you have the ability to see specific days over the course of the week that could use improvement.

We’ve also unveiled a pair of new stats to help you better evaluate the quality of your sleep consistency on a weekly basis–bedtime and waketime variability. They represent the average difference of your bed and wake times from one day to the next throughout the week.

Following in the footsteps of the Monthly Performance Assessment, we believe the new WPA will bring you more advanced actionable insights and enable you to know yourself better through a deeper understanding of your sleep and exercise behaviors.


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