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At WHOOP we take the privacy of our Members and Customers seriously. We do not monetize your personal information. Your personally identified health data is never shared unless explicit consent is given by you.

We share some information that is automatically collected with third-parties for marketing purposes. We use this data, for example your IP address, to market WHOOP products and services to you using advertising platforms, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Customers who reside in California have the right to request that we do not share their information with third-parties for marketing purposes.

The California CCPA law also provides the following rights if you are a resident: 1.) The right to know how your personal information is collected and used. 2.) The right to have access to and request the personal information collected. 3.) The right to to be forgotten and have your personal data deleted. 4.) The right to stop your personal information from being sold or shared.

For privacy rights requests or questions about your privacy rights, please contact us at support@whoop.com with “Privacy Rights” in the subject line of your email.